DJ's Aviation Company

Our Appraisal Process

This process includes a careful review of the following:

  • The aircraft's damage history.
  • Engine or airframe modifications, if any.
  • Make and model of installed avionics and if there were any Avionic upgrades.
  • Physical condition of the airframe including surface corrosion etc.
  • Inspection status of the aircraft. For example, the aircraft may have been out of Annual for some period of time or/and there may be Airworthiness Directives and/or mandatory Service Bulletins which have not been complied with.
  • Props and time since overhaul.
  • Engine overhaul status. For example, was the engine field overhauled to FAA overhaul service limits or overhauled to factory new limits or a new engine.
  • Condition of de-ice equipment, instrumentation and other systems and components.

In addition to considering the points above, DJ’s Aviation Company will utilize variety of data bases for aircraft values during the appraisal process. The whole purpose of this is to crosscheck the numerous values and give the client the most accurate appraisal available.